Keydiy KD Universal Flip Key Remote 3 Button NB Series Lexus Type NB30



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Keydiy KD Flip Key Remote 3 Buttons NB Series Lexus Type NB30 Features:

  1. OEM Part Number: NB30
  2. Buttons: 3 / Lock, Unlock, Trunk
  3. Keydiy Remote Series: NB Series
  4. Working with KD900 Remote Programming Device, KD900+ Mobile Key Generator and KD-X2 key Programmer Transponder cloner
  5. No blade or battery included ( CR2032 battery )
  6. Transponder chip is integrated.
  7. Blades are sold separately – Keydiy Universal Blades

KEYDIY KD Universal Remotes Overview:

The Keydiy remotes are a good replacement of OEM keys giving the locksmith the chance to provide a big range of car key replacements without having them in stock or invest a lot of money.
KD universal remote control can replace your vehicle genuine remote control, aftermarket remote control, garage remote control, and much more.

There are four main models of the universal KD remotes:

  • Keydiy NB Series:

  1. NB-ATT-36 for Peugeot, Citroen, old Honda (mostly before 2013), and some other vehicles.
  2. NB-ATT-46 for Touareg, Bentley, Renault, Fiat, and some other keys with PCF7946 chips.
  3. NB-ATT-Chrysler for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep car keys.
  4. NB-ETT-GM for new Buick, Chevrolet, Opel cars
  5. NB-XTT-New Honda for 2014 and 2015 New Honda cars keys.
  • Keydiy ZB Series Smart Keys:

KD ZB smart keys are re-programmable and the smart key buttons can be modified by the KD-X2 Remote Programmer.

  • Keydiy B Series:

KEYDIY B-series are universal remotes with different shapes, and all have the same functions, only KEYDIY B01 Luxury and KEYDIY B10 have a crystal for some special cars.

  • KEYDIY Smartwatch KT:

The KEYDIY KD Keytime Watch is smart watch which can be used as replacement to your car remote. It has more functions such as sport monitoring, heart rate and more. KD smartwatch comes in two models:

KD ZB smart keys & KD smartwatch can be programmed only using Keydiy X2 Programmer

Keydiy NB-Series Remote Key List:

Keydiy KD NB Series Remote Key


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