Keydiy KD Keytime Smart Watch Model BKT02



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Keydiy KD Keytime Smart Watch Model BKT02 Overview:

  • KEYDIY KD Smart Watch BKT02 can replace your smart key after generating & programming it to your car. You won’t need to carry your smart key anymore while you are wearing the KD Smart watch
  • KEYDIY smart watch must be generated using KEYDIY KD-X2 key programmer.

How to generate the smart key to KEYDIY smart watch BKT02:

  • Lay the KD KT smart watch on the KD-X2 coil flatly.
  • Select the smart key you would like to generate from your KD App in your smartphone and press generate button.
  • After KD Smart Watch generating is done you should program the watch to the car with any Key Programming device such as ZED-Full, Bosscomm Kmax 850, OBDStar Key Programmer or any other key Programming device.


  1. IP67 waterproof note: Waterproof level of this product is life waterproof, it can be worn when washing, raining or shower.
    Note: Do not wear when diving or hot water shower.
  2. Do not use adapter with charging voltage greater than 5V and charging current greater than 2A. The charging time is 90 minutes.
  3. This product is an electronic product, not for medical reference, the data is only for reference.
  4. Blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate detection: please keep the body relaxed and still during the detection, make sure that the watch is at the same height as the heart, and do not speak during the detection.
  5. The photoelectric sensor is a highly sensitive component. Be careful of hard object bruise. There may be sweat when wearing it for a period of time. The ash layer attached to the surface can be cleaned regularly with soft cloth.

Keydiy KD Smart Watch BKT02 Box Contains:

  • KD Smartwatch X1
  • KD smartwatch charger X1



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