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KEYDIY KD MAX Key Tool and Remote Generator:

The Keydiy KD Max is a professional multi-function smart device. It works with the Android operating systems with a clean easy to use interface. It’s equipped with a built in Bluetooth and WiFi module with a 5″ LCD screen. Device functions include Frequency Checking, Remote Generation, Remote Cloning, Chip Recognition, Chip Editing, Chip Decoding, Chip Cloning, Chip Generation, Chip Data Acquisition, Unlock Car Remotes, IC/ID Cloning and Generation, Online Programming, Battery Voltage Check, Battery Leakage Detection, Updates through WiFi (no dealing with update files)

KEYDIY KD Max Remote Programming Main Functions:

  • Automotive Remote Generating
  • Garage Remote Generating/Clone
  • Remote Clone
  • Chip Recognition/Edition/Decoding/Clone Dedicated Chip Generating
  • Remote Battery Leakage Detection
  • Car Key Unlock
  • IC/ID Card Recognition/Clone
  • Frequency Checking
  • Battery Voltage Detection

Here is the Keydiy KD Max User Manual

Keydiy KD Max Specifications:

  • Generates KD B, NB and ZB series remotes
  • Can detect remote frequency (incl. Infrared) and Transponder ID
  • Special Remote Cloning Functionality
  • In built Coin Battery Volt tester
  • 5 Inch LCD Touch Screen w/ a 1280*720P Resolution
  • 3375 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Ignition Coil Detector

Transponder Cloning:

  • Fixed Code (ID11, 12, 33 etc.)
  • Texas Fixed (4C)
  • Texas Crypto (4D, Toyota ‘G’ and 70.83 80 Bit)
  • Philips Crypto (ID46)
  • Megamos Crypto (ID48)

Chip Generation:

  • Philips: ID40/44
  • Texas Fixed – 4C
  • Texas Crypto – 4D(ID60-71)
  • Texas Crypto – Toyota ā€˜Gā€™
  • Fixed code – ID11, 12, 33 etc
  • Texas Crypto – 70.83 (80 Bit)
  • Philips Crypto – ID46
  • Megamos Crypto-ID48 Pre-coding

KEYDIY KD MAX Hardware Ports Description:

  1. TYPE-C Charging Port: Please use 4.5-5.5V/2A charging plug to connect TYPE-C cable to charge. When charging is finished, the device will stop charging automatically to protect the battery.
  2. PS2 Burning Port: 1) Insert remote generate cable (6P cable) to generate remote; 2) Insert unlock cable to unlock remotes; 3) Insert unlock cable, enter the Battery Leakage Detection d mode, connect the red cable to the positive side on the remote board, and black one to negative side to detect battery leakage. (Remove the remote battery first)
  3. Voltage Detection Interface: Insert battery to the CR port (Pay attention to the positive and negative poles), enter Voltage Detection mode to detect battery voltage. ( See the picture below)

Keydiy KD-Max Voltage Detection Interface

KEYDIY KD MAX Safety Precautions:

  1. Please keep it from water, dust, and falling;
  2. Do not store or use the device in an environment of high temperature, high humidity, flammability, explosion, and strong magnetic field;
  3. Do not use a charger with mismatched specifications to charge the device;
  4. Do not disassemble the device or change the internal parts of the device without permission, otherwise, you will bear the adverse consequences;
  5. Please protect the display screen, camera, and other key components to prevent damage caused by sharp objects.

KEYDIY KD MAX Product Functions

KEYDIY KD MAX Product Parameters



Keydiy KD Max Button Description:

  1. Switch button: When the device is power off, hold the switch button for 2 seconds to start it. When it is power on, hold switch button 2 seconds will see 3 options: Power Off, Restart and Screenshot. When the screen is on, press the switch button once, the device will turn off the screen for standby; When the screen is off, press the switch button once to light up the screen;
  2. HOME Button: Press the HOME button once to pop up the shortcut button function list, and then press the home key once to exit;
  3. Compulsory Resetting Button: Insert the card taking pin to the hole on the bottom left to reset the device compulsorily.

Keydiy KD Max Package List:

  • 1pc Master Device
  • 1pc Data Cable
  • 2pcs Remote Generating Cable
  • 1pc Unlocking Cable
  • 1pc User Manual
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