Universal Wireless Remote Control Duplicator Opener 433MHz for Garage Door Barrier Gate Rolling Code

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Universal Wireless Remote Control Duplicator Opener 433MHz for Garage Door Barrier Gate Rolling Code Specifications:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Code: Rolling Code
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Style: Wireless
  • Operation Range: 30-50m
  • Button: 4 Button

How To Use Remote Control Duplicator Opener 433MHz for Garage Door Rolling Code:

1. Code pairing (learning)

Place the original and copy remote controls as close together as you can, press a button on the original remote control to turn on the indicator light, then press and hold a button on the self-copy remote control for about three seconds. The LED will flash three times, then quickly. Flashing indicates successful learning of the address code for the original remote control button. To facilitate learning, the other keys are used in a similar manner.

2. Clear code

For 2 seconds, simultaneously pressing the unlock and lock buttons causes the LED light to blink three times. Keep pressing the lock button while releasing the unlock button at this point. The indicator light flashes swiftly after pressing the unlock button three or four times in the space of five seconds. Code clearing has taken place. Verify the remote control’s existing code to see whether it has been correctly cleared: You can push any button on the copy remote control once you’ve finished clearing. The original code of the duplicated remote control has been entirely wiped if the LED does not flash right away at this point but does so after two seconds. If the LED continues to flash instantly and fast,

3. Restore the cleared code

A recovery feature is included on the copy remote control. You can simultaneously press the start and mute buttons on the remote control to clear the address code if you mistakenly clear it when using the conventional copy remote control. The LED will cycle through three flashes after around three seconds. It rapidly begins to blink, indicating that the cleared address code has been properly restored.


  1. Before using our remote control duplicator to copy, first clear the existing code of your existing remote control.
  2. The self-learning remote control duplicator cannot copy rolling codes, such as HCS301.

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