Lonsdor Toyota AKL Online Calculation 1 Year Activation for K518 / KH100

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Lonsdor Toyota AKL Online Calculation 1 Year Activation For K518 & KH100:

K518 / KH100 online generate key for latest Toyota/Lexus all key lost & add key
Emergency start+PKE+Push-to-start+Remote all working well!
No need dealer code & fast online calculation to generate!

Note: Need use FT11-H0410C / FT08-H0440C to collect data and generate with K518/KH100+ directly.

Please Attention:
To add an original key, please go to:”Generate emergency key”;
To do all key lost, please go to:”Generate smart key”
Operation process are basically the same in these two cases!

Menu path:
K518: Special functions–>Key settings–>FT smart key–>8A
KH100: Special function–>FT smart key–>8A–>”Generate Emergency/Smart Key”
Please note: this Toyota online AKL annual license is separate from K518 update.

Case 1: Emergency start, say customer lost one working key, then he uses H0440C to collect data and generate a new working key(as a replacement of the lost one) to start car.
1.Here if customer want to use 0440B to work as the blank key, since its P4: 9100AAAA, it can only support same car model. If car model is 9100A9A9 chip type (0410), you will need to get same type of blank key accordingly.
2.Here H0440C work as a emulator, it has no smart function,and can not work as a working key.
3.In this Add-key situation, say you have 2 original keys, now you use H0440C to add a 3rd one. There will be a remote conflict between this newly generated H0440C, and one of the original keys.cause its by generation to replace one of the original key.

Case 2: When all key lost, use H0440C to generate a working key to start car.
Note: In case 1 & case 2, H0440C support both 0410(9100A9A9) old models and new 0440 (P4:9100AAAA) which used to require dealer code.

Lonsdor Toyota Lexus AKL Online Calculation


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