Lonsdor K518 PRO Versatile Key Programmer with 2 Years Free Update Time

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Lonsdor K518 PRO Full Configuration Versatile Key Programmer with 2 Years Free Update Time:

Lonsdor K518 PRO, 2nd generation product of K518, is a versatile key programming device released by Lonsdor, designed specifically for the technician and locksmiths. Integrated with all functions and features of its predecessor, this tablet device shows more advantages and functionality, including immobilization, odometer adjustment, remote/smart key generate, adaptor, chip identify and copy, key chip generate, remote frequency detect, ignition coil detect, Toyota smart key settings, one-key update, push function and etc.

Lonsdor K518 PRO Key Programmer Full Package

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Highlight:

  • 2 Years Free Update Online
  • Global Version: Supports Indian, Malaysian etc brands
  • Full Touch Screen
  • Built-in LKE Smart Simulator Function. Simu-Antenna Interface
  • Newly Add Can-FD and DOIP Protocols.Supports GM CAN FD models 2021-2023
  • Free Toyota AKL Activation / JLR License / Nissan License / Volvo License
  • Multi-Language Supported:English, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Hebrew, Burmese,Indonesian
  • Get Free LT20 Smart Key 2pcs, Toyota FP30 Cable, Nissan 40 BCM Cable, JCD FCA 12+8 FCA, JLR Cable and ADP Adapter

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer User Manual

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Functions

Lonsdor K518 PRO Key Programmer Functions:

  • Immobilization: Program mechanical key/smart key/remote, etc. Support most of car models on the market, regular updates for new models
  • Odometer Adjustment: Mileage diagnosis and correction
  • Generate Remote/smart: Generate smart key/remote/garage door remote
  • Adapter: Read and write EEPROM chip/CPU main control chip, read EEPROM Pincode, etc
  • Special Functions: Identify and copy key chip, generate key chip, detect remote frequency, simulate chip, decode chip, detect ignition coil, key settings, access control card, etc
  • Push Function: Push the designated function App to user, which will be automatically disabled when expired. Contact us to obtain function not activated yet
  • OBD II converter: OBD connector’s light can be switched on/off

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Special Functions:

  1. Generate key chip: Support 4D, 46, 48, 7935, 8A and more key chip generation
  2. Identify & Copy chip: Identify info and status of almost all car key chips on the market
  3. Generate remote: Detect remote key’s frequency
  4. Simulate chip: Mainly LKE functions, include: simulate 4D/46/8A chip, bind LKE and obtain LKE info, etc
  5. Decode chip: Support 46 and 4D chip decoding
  6. Ignition coil Detect: if the coil has signal, also identify key type on AKL condition
  7. Key settings: Set Lonsdor 8A and 4D smart key type
  8. Unlock key: Unlock Toyota 8A smart key
  9. Access control card: Identify and copy IC/ID card

Lonsdor K518 Pro Software/Hardware Advantages:

  • Trendy tablet design with support frame, better user experience;
  • Based on Android 9, more optimized operation;
  • With Quad-core A7, the strongest computing power, 2 times that of A33;
  • Excellent and powerful ultra-high energy consumption ratio;
  • The first to support 8A(H chip) generation;
  • Added support for CANFD and Ethernet protocols.

Lonsdor K518 Pro Vehicle Car List:

Volvo S40/ S60/ S80/ S90/ V40/ V60/ V70/V90/ C30/ C70/XC40/XC60/ XC70/ XC90 all series IMMO
Latest Toyota/Lexus chip type 8A/4A smart key programmed with free pin code
2015-2018 Land Rover/Jaguar key programmed via OBD (no disassembly required)
Land Rover/Jaguar 2018- Change RFA module to program smart key
2018- Land Rover&Jaguar -Turn off UWB PEPS function to program smart key
Latest Mazda smart key all key lost w/o PIN code
Latest Honda chip type 4A smart key all key lost
Latest Subaru chip type 8A smart key programmed
Latest Nissan New Sylphy B18,X-Trail T33 smart key all key lost
Latest Hyundai/Kia chip type 4A/47 smart key programmed
Latest Ford Mustang IMMO program
Latest GM CAN-FD protocol IMMO
90% of 2010-2020 GM models read pin code from BCM
Volkswagen/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat MOB platform IMMO and odometer adjustment
Ssangyong smart key and mechanical key program
Latest Maserati read pin code and smart key program
Ferrari(458,F12, F149) key programmed via OBD
Support European cars such as Renault, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Alfa Romeo Lancia, Dacia, etc.
Support American cars such as Dodge, Chrysler, JEEP, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, anc GMC, etc.
Supports Asian cars such as Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan/lnfiniti, Hyundai, Kia, and Proton, etc.
Supports luxury cars such as Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, and Cadillac, etc.
Supports Chinese cars such as BYD, Great Wall, Geely, BAlC, Changan, Roewe, MG, Lynk &Co, etc
Support electric cars such as Leading ldeal, Denza, Leap Motor, etc.

Supports other functions like chip decoding, chip simulation, chip identification, remote generation, smart key generation, frequency identification
Support generate key chip like 4D,46,48,T5,793

K518 PRO Latest update information:

K518PRO K518 Series Hyundai & Kia
Update time: Nov. 14, 2023

Sonata(DN8)2023-Smart key
Sonata Hybrid(DN8 HEV)2023-Smart key
Kona(OS)2022-Smart key
Kona Electric(OS EV)2022-Smart key
Tucson(TL)2021-Smart key
Tucson(NX4)2023-Smart key
Tucson(NX4A)2023-Smart key
Tucson Hybrid(NX4 HEV)2022-Smart key
Santafe(TMA)2023-Smart kev
Santa Cruz(NX4A OB)2023-Smart key
Santafe HYBRID(TM HEV)2023-Smart key
VENUE(OX)2023-Smart key
Veloster(JS)2021-Smart key
Veloster N(JSN)2022-Smart kev
Cadenza(YG)2021-Smart key
Carnival(KA4)2022-Smart key
EV6(CV)2022-Smart key
Forte(BD)2022-Smart key
K5DL3A)2020-Smart key
Niro(DE EV)2022-Smart key
Niro(DE HEV)2022-Smart key
Niro(SG2 EV)2023-Smart key
Niro(SG2 PHEV)2023-Smart key
Rio(sC)2023-ISmart key
Seltos(SP2)2020-Smart key
Sorento(MO4A)2022Smart kev
Sorento PHEV(MO4 HEV)2022-Smart key
Soul(SK3)2022-Smart key
Soul EV(SK3 EV)2022-Smart key
Sportage(NO5)2023-Smart key
Sportage(NQ5A)2023-Smart kev
Sportage(OL)2022Smart kev
Sportage PHEV(NO5 HEV)2023-Smart kev
Stinger(CK)2022Smart key
Telluride(ON)2020-Smart key

Support Programming Via OBD
Update time: Nov. 8, 2023

Silverado 2021-2023
Suburban 2021-2023
Tahoe 2021-2023
Silverado 1500: 2021-2023
Silverado 3500: 2021-2023
Onix: 2020-
Trax 2020 2020-

Middle East
Traverse 2019-2023
Trailblazer 2020-2023
Malibu 2017-2022
Sonic 2022
Equinox 2017-2023
Camaro 2017-2019
Trax 2017-2022

USA Canada
Silverado 1500: 2014-2016 2017-2020 2021-2023
Silverado 3500: 2015-2016 2017-2023
Sonic 2017-2019
Spark EM 2014-2016 SS 2014-2017
Suburban 2015-2016
Suburban 2017-2019 2020
Tahoe 2017-2019 2020
Aveo 2017-2019 2020
Cavalier 2019-2022
Trax 2013-2016 2021-2022
Please update your device to check the details.

What is the difference between Lonsdor K518ISE and K518 Pro: K518 Pro vs K518ISE:

Lonsdor K518 Pro vs K518ISE

New & Different Feature:

K518 Pro is equipped with a better CPU and larger storage, which allows 2–3 times faster running speed than K518ISE.
K518 Pro has a larger battery capacity and higher screen resolution, it also improved Wi-Fi for more stable and faster file transfer.
K518 Pro has added Bluetooth, RFID long-distance detect & read frequency, OBD self-detection, OBD light, and 24V truck OBD connection while K518ISE does not have.
K518 Pro has built-in LKE to support all functions of the Toyota emulator, no additional purchase is required.

K518 Pro has added shortcut keys for common functions, file management, IMMO off, access card copy, write key via dump, EEPROM mileage reset, CAN-FD & DOIP while K518ISE does not support it.

K518 Pro enjoys 2 free year updates while K518ISE only enjoys 1 free year.
K518 Pro enjoys free Volvo, LYNK&CO, Nissan New Sylphy Sentra, Toyota, Lexus, and JLR activation for key programming while K518ISE needs an extra charge.


Note: after booting the device, please set and connect WIFI well, then go through the registration&activation process.

New user:

  1. For the first use, please prepare an available mobile phone or E-mail to help finish device registration and activation, click OK to start;
  2. Boot the device and enter registration&activation process;
  3. Enter user name, password, mobile number or E-mail to get verification code, then enter the code and submit registration;
  4. New account is registered successfully, set the device’s power-on password;
  5. Submit the info, apply for binding the user to the device;
  6. Verified by the server, successful registration;
  7. Initialize menu and etc;
  8. Reboot and enter the device system.

Registered user:

  1. For the first use, please prepare the corresponding mobile phone or Email of the registered account to help finish device registration and activation, click OK to start;
  2. Boot the device and enter registration&activation process;
  3. Enter the registered mobile number or E-mail to get verification code, then enter the code and submit login;
  4. Account login successful, set the device’s power-on password;
  5. Submit the info, apply for binding the user to the device;
  6. Verified by the server, successful registration;
  7. Initialize menu, etc;

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Specifications and Parameter:

  1. Operation system: Android 9
  2. Processor: Allwinner A50
  3. Memory: Ram 2G flash 8G
  4. Display: MIPI 800*1280
  5. WiFi: (802.11 b/g/n)
  6. USB: USB2.0
  7. Bluetooth: 4.1
  8. SD card: support Plug & Unplug
  9. Battery: 5800MA
  10. Input voltage: 12V
  11. Shell material: PC hard shell+TPR60°
  12. Dimension: 26* 3 *16CM

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Package List:

  • 1pc x K518 Pro main host
  • 1pc x Power adapter
  • 1pc x Acquisition Antenna
  • 1pc x Type-C cable
  • 1pc x KIA/HYUNDAI connector
  • 1pc x HONDA connector
  • 1pc x KIA connector
  • 1pc x OBD2 test cable
  • 1pc x Certificate & user manual card
  • 1pc x Main unit packing bag
  • 2pcs x LT20 smart key(gift)
  • 1pc x Toyota FP30 cable(gift)
  • 1pc x Toyota FP27 cable(gift)
  • 1pc x Toyota FP24 cable(gift)
  • 1pc x Nissan-40P BCM cable(gift)
  • 1pc x JLR cable(gift)
  • 1pc x JCD 2-in-1 cable(gift)
  • 1pc x ADP-15 adapter(gift)


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