Face To Face 315MHz Fixed Code Garage Gate Remote Door Opener Control Duplicator

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Face To Face Copier Remote 4-Button Fixed Code Garage Gate Remote Door Opener 315MHz Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Aftermarket
  • Frequency: 315MHz
  • Buttons: 4
  • Battery: Included

Face To Face 315MHz Fixed Code Garage Door Remote Control Duplicator Programming Method:

The First Step is to clear the code:

Press and hold the two buttons on the front (above) at the same time, the LED indicator flashes three times, release any one of the buttons (the other is held down), press the released button three times, and the LED indicator enters a fast flashing state , Indicates that the code clearing is completed

The Second Step, Copy:

The two remote controllers are close to each other. Press the buttons for copying. The LED indicator flashes three times and then stays on, indicating that the copying is successful. The other buttons operate in the same way.

Recovery Instructions:

If you have cleared the useful code by mistake, you can press the two buttons on the back of the remote control at the same time before copying the other remote control again. After the indicator light flashes 3 times quickly, it means the recovery is successful.

Face To Face Clear Code Operation And Copy Operation

Garage Gate Door Remotes Door Openers


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