V1.1.0.0 CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Clear Fault Codes One Key No Welding No Disassembly



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V1.1.0.0 CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Clear Fault Codes One Key No Welding No Disassembly:

The CGDI CG70 is an advanced airbag reset tool designed for automotive professionals and enthusiasts. This tool allows you to clear fault codes in airbag systems without needing to dismantle or weld components, making it a non-destructive and efficient solution for airbag repairs.

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Highlights:

1. Free Update Online for 1 Year.

2. No dismantling, no welding, non-destructive repair.
Simulate the principle of car communication, connect the pin port, you can read/clear the fault code of the airbag module with one key. Abandon the traditional wire welding/chip removal mode, and use pin diagnosis to avoid operational risks caused by electric soldering irons/soldering heat guns.

3. Intelligent diagnosis, clear fault codes
Support multiple diagnostic protocols, CAN protocol, K/L protocol, SWCAN protocol and J1850 protocol, compatible with different car models and airbag modules.

4. Specific function, fast retrieval.
Specialized in airbag module repair. The entire software is designed according to the model number. It is simple and clear, with clear directories, and the built-in search function can help us quickly find the operation interface.

5. The wiring is clear and the pins are clearly defined.
The software has a built-in clear wiring diagram, and the position of the “button” is obvious, which is integrated with the interface and does not hinder the operation process. All wiring diagrams are taken in kind, with clear pins, and the communication line number is marked to avoid user wiring mistakes.

6. Independent research and development, real-time update.

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Highlights

CGDI CG70 Supported Vehicle Car Brands:

Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Great Wall, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Suzuki…

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Support List

User Experience:

  1. Ease of Use: Users have found the CGDI CG70 easy to use, particularly appreciating the no welding and no disassembly features which streamline the repair process. The tool has received positive reviews for its intuitive interface and effectiveness​.
  2. Performance: The CGDI CG70 is praised for its reliability and efficiency. However, some users reported minor issues with software updates, which were generally resolved with customer support assistance​.

CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Software Update Log:

V1.1.0.0 NEW – Software Download


1.added 370 additional airbag models

2.Fixed feature added to Toyota steering angle sensor

3.Some known problems fixed.


Steering angle sensor repair added the following models:

Toyota 89245-0D030(Steering Angle Sensor) uPD703230

Toyota 89245-0T010(Steering Angle Sensor) uPD703230

Toyota 89245-74010(Steering Angle Sensor) uPD703230


Airbag repair added the following models:

brand model chip

Audi 4F0910655R 95640

Audi 4G0959655C 95128

Citroen 9663627980(609973600) 95320

Citroen 9665495680(610799900) 95320

Citroen 9677253480(621282700) 95320

Dodge 68256826AB 95128

Dodge 68259260AF 95256

Dodge 68263743AB 95256

Dodge 68428609AB 95256

Dodge 68441329AA 95256

Dodge 68473844AB R7F701064

Dodge 68490898AA 95256

Dodge 68492237AD 95256

Dodge 68500728AA R7F701064

Dodge 68563499AB 50165197 95256

Dodge 68615034AA R7F701064

Dodge 68615035AA R7F701064

Dodge 68615036AA R7F701064

Ferrari 315396 0285013101 95640

Ferrari 807857 95640

Ferrari 968385 95640

Fiat 52191343 0285020051 95640

Ford 8L14-14B321-FA 95320

Ford 8L14-14B321-FB 95160

Ford 9L14-14B321-FB 95160

Ford 9L14-14B321-GA 95160

Ford AB39-14B321-CK XC2xxx

Ford HS7T-14B321-AD R7F701A033

Ford J7BT-14B321-JA XC2366A

Ford N2AT-14B321-PB TC22xx-16F

Ford PC3T-14B321-AC TC22xx-16F

Geely 431028 6600068771 A3C0179790000 R7F701018

Great Wall 3658110XKZ16B 95160

Great Wall 3658110XKZ16C 95160

Great Wall 3658120XJZ08B 95160

Great Wall 3658120XKZ16B 95160

Great Wall 3658120XKZ16C 95160

Great Wall 3658120XKZ96A 95160

Great Wall 3658130XKZ96A 95160

Honda 77960-30A-A750-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-30A-A751-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-30A-H850-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-30B-A750-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-30B-A751-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-30G-H850-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-30G-P850-M4 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-31E-H430-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-31W-H850-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-31W-W920-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-32R-J130-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3A0-A820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3A0-A910-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3A0-H620-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3A0-H710-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3A0-H820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3A0-K820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3B9-H620-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3C1-Z220-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3D4-A820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3D4-A910-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3E7-H640-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3F0-H620-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3F0-H820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3F3-H620-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3K0-H640-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3K0-H820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3K1-H820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3K2-H830-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3K6-K020-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3K6-K920-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-E140-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-G140-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-G150-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-J160-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-K840-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-K910-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-M620-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-M820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-P640-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-P840-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-Q130-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M0-S640-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3M1-Z810-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3N1-Z810-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3N1-Z840-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3N4-M820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3T2-N340-M1

Honda 77960-3V0-P430-M1

Honda 77960-SNA-H821-M1(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-U421-M1(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SYP-J410-M2(KLine) 93C86

Honda 77960-SYP-J411-M2(KLine) 93C86

Honda 77960-SYY-J413-M3(KLine) 93C86

Honda 77960-SZA-R120-M1(KLine) H8SX

Honda 77960-SZH-N410-M3(KLine) MPC5604

Honda 77960-T00-D610-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-T0A-C811-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T0A-D811-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T0R-M711-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T20-P830-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T2A-H930-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T3L-X040-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T4N-H710-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T50-G930-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T52-H830-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T60-G830-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T6A-P730-M2 H8SX1725

Honda 77960-T7A-N810-M2 H8SX1725

Honda 77960-T81-H020-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-T86-X920-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-T9A-S810-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TA0-X011-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TAE-P130-M2 H8SX1725

Honda 77960-TEA-T910-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-TF0-Q820-M3(KLine) MPC5604

Honda 77960-TF0-Q840-M3(KLine) MPC5604

Honda 77960-TF0-Z421-M3(KLine) MPC5604

Honda 77960-TFM-W810-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-TJA-H110-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TJH-H330-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-TKR-J220-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-TLA-F110-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-TMC-U710-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-TR0-K021-M1(KLine) 95320

Honda 77960-TR0-X810-M1(KLine) 95320

Honda 77960-TS8-K030-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TS9-K010-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TV0-S911-M4(KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TZA-F120-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-TZB-E510-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-TZB-G510-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-TZR-H610-M2 R7F701686

Hyundai 95910-2B000 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B070 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B100 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B170 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B200 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B400 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B600 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B670 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B700 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B770 95320

Hyundai 95910-30000 95128

Hyundai 95910-3N250 95640

Hyundai 95910-A5800 95256

Hyundai 95910-BX200 R7F701xxx

Hyundai 95910-BY050 R7F701xxx

Hyundai 95910-I6300 TC22xx-16F

Hyundai 95910-K6310 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-K7700 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-L5150 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-R4000 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S1770 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S2000 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S8470 TC23xx-32F

Jeep 68449605AD 95512

Jeep 68449612AC 52193658 95512

Jeep 68530189AB 95512

KIA 95910-AA150 R7F701019

KIA 95910-AA350 R7F701019

KIA 95910-AY200 95512

KIA 95910-AY300 95512

KIA 95910-E2200 95512

KIA 95910-IB050

KIA 95910-K2050 95512

KIA 95910-L2500 95512

Lexus 89170-11150 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33E40 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33N50 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33S10 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-50K31 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-50L73 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-76591 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-76621 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-76700 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-F6011 R7F7016443

Mazda D10E-57K30-A 95128

Mercedes A1648209826 0285001997 95640

Mercedes A1779002410 A2479018901(0285015020) R7F701008

Mercedes A1779006604 A2479018801(0285015378) R7F701008

Mercedes A2048206685 95640

Mercedes A2048707026 95640

Mercedes A2048709026 95640

Mercedes A2048709326 95640

Mercedes A2059014520 SPC560P50

Mercedes A2229018506 SPC560P50

Mitsubishi 8635A318 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A329 MD101 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A330 MD101 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A359 3SR737 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A360 3SR738 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A361 3SR739 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A362 3SR740 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A364 3SR741 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A374 MD101 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A377 3SR770 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A380 3SR769 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A387 DPSBC 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A392 MD101 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A393 MA101 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A394 MD101 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A395 M0101 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A396 MA101 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A408 3SR771 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A409 3SR772 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A410 3SR773 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A424 3SR776 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A425 3SR777 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A426 3SR778 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A430 3SR787 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A434 3SR780 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A435 3SR780 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A436 3SR781 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A437 3SR782 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A440 3SR783 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A441 3SR784 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A454 3SR788 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A455 3SR789 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A456 3SR790 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A457 3SR791 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A487 3SR809 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A488 3SR810 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A489 3SR811 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A490 3SR812 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A491 3SR813 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A495 3SR796 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A498 3SR798 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A499 3SR799 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A500 3SR814 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A501 3SR828 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A503 3SR830 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A504 3SR831 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A505 3SR800 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A518 3SR837 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A519 3SR838 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A520 3SR839 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A521 3SR840 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A522 3SR841 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A525 3SR844 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A528 3SR847 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A529 3SR848 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A530 3SR849 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A542 3SR815 95160

Mitsubishi 8635A543 3SR816 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A544 3SR817 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A600 3SR819 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A601 3SR820 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A602 3SR821 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A603 3SR822 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A604 3SR823 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A605 3SR824 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A612 3SR826 95640

Mitsubishi 8635A621 3SR827 95640

Mitsubishi 98820-W000P TC22xx-16F

Mitsubishi 98820-W007P TC22xx-16F

Mitsubishi 98820-W013P TC22xx-16F

Mitsubishi 98820-W027P TC22xx-16F

Mitsubishi 98820-W030P TC22xx-16F

Mitsubishi 98820-W032P TC22xx-16F

Nissan 28556-2GC0A 95640

Nissan 28556-5UN0B 95128

Nissan 98820 1FB0A 95320

Nissan 98820 1FD0B 95128

Nissan 98820 1FJ0A 95640

Nissan 98820 1TV0A 95128

Nissan 98820 3RS0A XC2xxxX

Nissan 98820 3YW0B 95128

Nissan 98820 4HA0B 95128

Nissan 98820 5JH0B 95128

Nissan 98820 5KB0A 95128

Nissan 98820 6EL0B 95128

Nissan 98820 9CF0B 93C76

Nissan 98820 EV10A 93C66

Nissan 98820 EZ06B 95128

Nissan 98820 JN20B 95160

Nissan 98820-5RP0A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-5RX0B 95128

Nissan 98820-5SE0A 95640

Nissan 98820-5SY0B 95128

Nissan 98820-5YM0C TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6GN0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6RF1A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6RF1B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6RJ0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6RN0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6SA0E TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6TA0D TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6TA0E TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6UD0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6UH0C TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6UJ0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6UM0A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-9BU2E TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-DFA1A TC22xx-16F

Peugeot 9807276780 95320

Peugeot 982134880 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9848467180 SPC560P50

Peugeot 9848542080 SPC560P50

Renault 285552993R(diag only) 95128

Renault 285557417R(diag only) 95128

Renault 285559462R(diag only) 95128

Renault 285559924R(diag only) 95128

Renault 985102317R XC2336B

Renault 985102383R R7F701xxx

Roewe 10749151-00 TC224L-16F

Roewe 11152827-01 TC224L-16F

Roewe 11215310-02 TC224L-16F

Roewe 11457893-01 TC224L-16F

SAIC C00047622 R7F701A033

Seat 5QF959655AH VW22 TC22xx-16F

Seat 5QF959655AL VW22 TC22xx-16F

Seat 5QF959655AS VW22 TC22xx-16F

Subaru 98221FJ400(on bench with RES10K) H8SX1725

Subaru 98221FJ460(on bench with RES10K) H8SX1725

Suzuki 38910-53MA0

Suzuki 38910-56T30 H8SX1725

Suzuki 38910-69R11 H8SX1723

Suzuki 38910-74P00 H8SX1723

Suzuki 38910-79R01

Suzuki 38910-79R50

Suzuki 38910-86R30 SPC560P50

Suzuki 3F900-58T01 R7F7010183

Suzuki 3F900-74T00 H8SX1725

Suzuki 3F900-78T10 H8SX1725

Suzuki 3F900-86R10 R7F7010183

Suzuki 3F900-86R20 R7F7010183

Toyota 89170-02T81 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-02V10 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-02W00 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-02W40 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06B60 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06B81 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06B91 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06C31 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-0A180 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0A210 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0DE70 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-0E360 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0R170 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-0R420 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-12D30 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-12E50 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-12G11 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-12L60 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-16220(diag only) R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-24310 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-26520 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-28420 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-30B40 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-30D00 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-30D10 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-30J00 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-30J10 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-33B70 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-33G90 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-42E70 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-43080 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-48E60 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-48E90 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-52T50 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52T80 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52T90 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-60730 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-60G30 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-62080 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-F4460 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-F4630 R7F701A223

VW 3QD959655AQ VW20 TC234-32F

VW 6C0959655AP TC224L-16F

VW 6R0959655N 95320

CGDI CG70 Package Includes:

  • 1pc x CGDI CG70 Host
  • 1pc x Jumper
  • 1pc x USB Cable
  • 6pcs x G-type Adapter Cable
  • 6pcs x D-type Adapter Cable

CGDI CG70 Package List


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